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Mount Etna remains active

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ount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. There is an almost continuous eruptive activity from the summit craters and lava flows frequently from craters on the lower slopes.

The eruption of 2001

One of the largest eruptions of the last centuries occured in the summer of 2001. Editor-in-chief Dick Versteeg of Travelling along Rivers lived for eight years in a village on the eastern Etna slope. He followed these eruptions from a very close position between many fellow journalists from all over the world. 

Afbeelding 36

Camera teams of the BBC, CNN and Italian RAI braved the dangers of the hot lava streams and swung up glowing lava stones. Especially in the dark it provided spectacular images. 

Watch the video impression of Dick Versteeg

The eruptions of 2001 not only created a new crater on 2.100 m, but also changed the landscape close to the summit of Mount Etna (3.300 m) dramatically. On the picture above one of the two new craters just below the summit on a height of 2.900 m.