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Room for the River is an ambitious Dutch project with the intention of restoring the natural flood plain of rivers in places where it is least harmful in order to protect those areas that need to be defended. A series of more than 30 measures will lower and broaden the flood
plain and create river diversions and temporary water storage areas. Room for the River will restore marshy riverine landscapes to serve once again as natural ‘water storage’ sponges and provide biodiversity and aesthetic and recreational values.

De IJssel

De IJssel van Nederrijn tot Ketelmeer (Dutch text)

Landscapes of our childhood
The brothers Bert en Sjoerd van Meteren are born in the Dutch river delta and that determines their way of looking at rivers. These river reporters make beautiful pictures with descriptions of all kind of rivers such as Giessen, Boven- en Beneden Merwede, the Lek en Vlist.

Impressie van een stukje Nederlands rivierengebied (Dutch text)


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