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Shotover River: in memory of gold diggers

During a stay on the South Island in New Zealand Dutch press photographer Cees Zorn and his wife Margriet travelled along the Shotover River. This fast flowing river with numerous rapids runs from its source in the southern Alps through the Skippers Canyon before draining into the Kawarau River, east of Queenstown.

The Skippers Canyon is a scenic gorge of about 20 km in length and became famous by its goldmining story. The historic Skippers Road along the river was built and used by fortune hunters after the first gold was found in 1862. 

Today the Skippers Road is one of the best known scenic roads of New Zealand. Because of the hazardous location rental car insurances are not honoured if driven on this road.

The gold mining history gave the Shotover River river its nickname 'richest river in the world'. Nowadays the river is a popular location for whitewater rafting.