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River Po from source to mouth

The source of the Italian river Po is located on the Pian del Re, a plateau of the MonViso mountain (3841 m) in the Cottian Alps, not far away from the border with France.

The river flows down into the city of Turin, bends off eastwards, flows south of Milan and passes Piacenza, Cremona and Ferrara. 

The Po has its mouth in the Po delta, south of Venice in the Adriatic Sea.

Majestic peaks above the Pian del Re in the Monviso mountain.

DSC 0050steen PO

The source of the Po is located under a boulder at 2020 meter above sea level at the Pian del Re.
Text on a piece of stone: 'Qui nasce il Po' ('Here the Po is born')

The first meters of the Po.

After passing Ristorante-Albergo 'Pian del Re' the young river tumbles into the Po valley.

Hikers following the Po downstream.

Pian della Regina (1715 m) is a well-know starting point of several walking and hiking routes around the Monviso mountain. The narrow road above this location is closed during the winter months because of the abundant snowfall. In the foreground of the photo the Po bends into the direction of the village of Crissolo.

Through a number of waterfalls the Po flows into the area of Crissolo. Here the river has dropped more than 700 metres since the source. On sunny days you can relax here very well along both banks.

DSC 0168DSC 0166

The crystal clear water of the Po is ideal for breeding trout. In the the hamlet Ghisola near Paesana the fish farm Trota PO of Bossa Fabrizio produces trout all year long. The young fish is growing in some mountain lakes above the source of the Po and mature in the farm. 

Kids relaxing along the river in Paesana.

Shortly after the young Po has made its first big bend in the direction of the city of Turin, the picturesque hamlet of Staffarda is dreaming in a quiet area.

In this haven of peace is Abbazia di Staffarda one of the most beautiful abbeys in Italy. The building is founded in the 11th century by Cistercian monks. The monastery church has a stunning interior; the cloister and the chapter house from the thirteenth century are now functioning as a museum. 

The tranquil courtyard of the Abbazia di Staffarda.

The Po near Casalgrasso, shortly before entering the city of Turin.

To a large extend the Po determines the atmosphere in Turin. Both on and along the river has a recreational role. 

For hundreds of kilometers the Po is flowing through a huge area with ricefields. 

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The bridge near Crescentino, not far away from the spot where the tributary Dora Baltea flows into the Po.

Sand banks in the meandering Po near Santa Maria.



The city of Cremona gains world renown from the seventeenth century by the legendary violin maker Antonio Stradivari. 



The secret of Culatello

olesine Parmense on the right bank of the Po River between Cremona and Casalmaggiore is one of the twelve villages in this area, famous for the production of the Culatello di Zibello. 

Gastronomic experts consider this delicate ham as the most tastiest part of the pig. The product flourishes the best under influence of the Po. Opening the windows in the cellars gives the different types of weather the opportunity to do their work with the hams hanging from the ceiling. 

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The castle of Ferrara, the last major town before the Po flows into the Po delta.

Musuem Porto Telle

visit to the museum in Porto Tolle is a good preparation for discovering the Po delta.

The museum shows the original machine room that played an important role in water management in the Po delta. 

Rice fields are a familiar image of the Po delta. The near presence of the sea gives the rice gets a salty flavor. 

A dyke separates the ricefields from the Adriatic sea, where in the inlet Sacco Scardovari millions of mussels are growing.

The mussels are growing while hanging in bunches on wooden constructions

DSC 0060DSC_0108

The nickname 'Small Venice' attracts many tourists in Commacchio in the far south of the Po delta. The village is  famous for the production of marinated eel. 

Located north of the Po Delta Venice is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Despite the permanent crowds the city remains well worth a visit. The pictures show the area around the Ponte di Rialto over the Canal Grande.          

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