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Hundred rivers in small Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, a small country and an island south of India, has up to one hundred rivers. They all have their source in the central mountain area and flow through many rapids to the coast. Locals use the name ‘ganga’ for a big river, and ‘oya’ for a small one.

The 'Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage' is a shelter home for baby elephants who are rejected or lost their mother. Also handicapped or rejected adult elephants are living here. About 80 animals live free on a piece of land of 10 acres. Twice a day the elephants visit the Maha Oya River for a wash. This delivers a beautiful spectacle against the backdrop of a green and mountainous landscape. It offers an impressive sight when the animals walk to and from the river through a narrow street



With a length of 335 km the Mahaweli is the longest river of Sri Lanka. Its source is on Adams’ Peak. The tree on the picture in the neighborhood of Kandy, is full of bats that are also active during the day.



The Madhu river in the south-east of Sri Lanka offers beautiful scenery, mangrove forests and a huge biodiversity. On the picture cormorants soak up in the sun after a fish breakfast. 

Between the historic village of Galle and the seaside resort Hikkaduwa a number of lively fishing villages is well-worth a visit. The fishermen dry their nets on a bridge near the mouth of a river. At the bottom of the picture a swimming monitor lizard is passing by…