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River Rhone in Switzerland

The river Rhone arises on the glacier of the same name near the Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps.

After its course through the varied landscape of the Valais canton the river flows into the Lake of Geneva and continues as a river again from the city of Geneva. 

On French territory the Rhone flows in a winding trail towards Lyon.

In this city the river is fed by the water of the Saone. Then the Rhone cuts the wine region of the Cote du Rhone in southern direction. 

Shortly before the city of Valence the tributary Isère joins the Rhone. In Avignon the river passes the famous Pont d'Avignon.  

Near the city of Arles, north of the nature reserve Camargue, the river divides into two arms - the Petit Rhone and Grand Rhone - and ends via a vast delta in the Mediterranean Sea.

The journey along the Rhone starts in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 2.275 m. The melt water of the Rhone Glacier forms the source of the river. 

The course of the young Rhone after tumbling down from the area of the glacier and flowing into the direction of Gletsch. Thirty years ago this whole area was largely covered by the glacier. The picture below - a colored picture postcard from 1900 - shows the situation in those days, seen from the village of Gletsch. 

Reckingen is one of the first villages along the Rhone/Rotten in the canton Valais. The historic part shows beautiful wooden houses. The baroque church is considered to be one of the most interesting buildings of the canton.

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Almost half of the Swiss wines has its origin in the Valais canton. At about 5.000 hectares of vineyards the grapes grow to a height of almost 900 metres. Most well-known are the white Fedant and the red Dole.

Supported by a relatively large number of sunshine hours the Valais also produces fruit such as apricots, raspberries and pears. The canton has numerous own cheeses. Since 2003 the name 'raclette' is official protected and may only be used for cheese from the Valais. Dried beef is another typical local product. The French name is 'viande sêché', in German 'Bünderfleisch'.

Near Le Bouveret the Rhone flows into Lake Geneva.


Mercury in Montreux

Along the bank of Lake Geneva in the Swiss city of Montreux a bronze statue recalls one of the greatest heroes in pop history.

In his characteristic stage attitude Queen singer Freddie Mercury overlooks the water towards the location where the Rhone flows into the lake.

The statue on the Place du Marché was unveiled in November 1996, five years after his death.

Mercury sold more than 150 albums worldwide with Queen. A large part was recorded in his favourite studio in Montreux.

In the meantime countless fans of Freddie Mercury from all parts of the world have visited this location. At the foot of the statue there are constantly flowers, notes and other expressions of affection. 

The  city of Evian is located along the motorway north of Lake Geneva. This town is known for the spring water of the same name. Daily five million of liters are bottled. The casino of Evian (photo) is very popular too. 

25-Brug in Geneve

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Around the location in the city of Geneva where the lake narrows and the Rhone continues again as a river, there are all kinds of points of interest.

In the middle of the Pont des Bergues on the Ile de Rousseau there is a statue of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

This philosopher, writer, composer and botanist was born in 1712 in Geneva. He became most well-known by the book 'Emile or about education', in which he propagates his firm belief that man is born in goodness and is becoming bad because of the differences between rich and poor and rulers and oppressed.

The book was published in 1752 and immediately banned and burned in France and Switzerland.

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