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Fraser River Bridge historical monument

Q-R-1 Fraser River Bridge
At the start the twentieth century, a canoe served as a mini-ferry and provided the only possibility for crossing the Fraser River in the city of Quesnel.

In 1911 a cable (or chain) ferry came into service and in 1929 a wooden bridge was finally built after intensive lobbying by local business-owners.

The span was constructed in Vancouver and then transported to Quesnel
in parts by train.

The bridge suffered tremendously from the vagaries of the river. In 1948 an extremely large amount of fallen snow started melting in the Rocky Mountains and the water rose so far it almost touched the bridge. For a long time the people of Quesnell expected the bridge would be lost due to the high level of fast-flowing water. 

In 1961 the bridge was threatened with destruction due to churning ice. Huge blocks of ice were blasted with dynamite just in time to avoid this. In 1972 the Fraser River Bridge was replaced by the current pedestrian bridge. Nowadays the old bridge is part of the Riverfront Trail. 

Q-R-2 Steam shovel

This walking route stretches along the banks of the river, providing pleasant relaxation for both locals and visitors to the city.

The central feature of this Trail is Ceal Tingley Park, which is not far from the spot where the Quesnel River flows into the Fraser.

The park contains a few historically interesting objects, such as the steam shovel that was used in this region at the start of the twentieth century. 

The Fraser River Bridge by night                                                                  

It is in Quesnel that the river bearing the same name flows into the Fraser River

Fraser River from mouth to source

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