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Icefields Parkway: impressive scenery

MAP ICEFIELDS PARKWAYIcefields Parkway in Canada is regarded as one of the worlds most beautiful roads.
The 232-kilometer route is literally decorated with the most impressive of sights, such as deep blue lakes and spots that bring you really close to glaciers and waterfalls. 

Driving over Icefields Parkway is an experience that seems to make words superfluous, where images play the leading role.


Athabasca Falls

Athabasca River

Athabasca glacier

Howse River

Mistaya Lake

Bow Lake

Crowfoot glacier


 A black bear strolling on the road near Takakkaw Falls

The Takakkaw Falls are formed by the melting water of the glacier behind the mountain with the same name. The water falls through a hole in the rocks from a height of 254 meters.

After driving on Icefields Parkway, the Travelling-along-Rivers team continued the journey through Canada via a two-day train journey with Rocky Mountaineer which took them from Calgary to Vancouver and coursed along extended stretches of the Thompson River and the Fraser River.

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