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Rocky Mountaineer:
the ultimate in indulgence

Travelling with the Rocky Mountaineer leads to a constant flow of superlatives. Travel journalists qualify it as 'the best train experience in the world' and recommend it as 'one of the things you have to do before you die'. Such comments are bound to arouse ones curiosity. 

One of the routes of the Canadian organization Rocky Mountaineer, travels along a sizeable section of the Fraser River, which prompted the Travelling-along-Rivers team to board the Rocky Mountaineer in Calgary and make the trip to Vancouver. After travelling for two days at Gold Leaf level, the team knew for certain that the above-mentioned exemplary reviews are completely without exaggeration.


he Rocky Mountaineer routes:

'First passage to the West':
from Calgary to Vancouver;

'Journey through the clouds':
from Vancouver to Jasper;

'Rainforest to Gold Rush':
 between Whistler and Jasper;

'Sea to Sky Climb':
from Vancouver to Whistler

'Coastal Passage':
From Vancouver to Seattle (USA)

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All Rocky Mountaineer trains travel by daylight so that travellers do not have to miss any of the spectacular views. 

The two-day Calgary to Vancouver journey includes a stay at a hotel in either Kamloops or Quesnel.

Three service levels

The Rocky Mountaineer offers three service levels: Redleaf, Silverleaf and Goldleaf

The Gold Leaf means top quality in every aspect. The double-decker carriages have panoramic windows and provide access to an open balcony that is used frequently by anyone wanting to use photo and video equipment.

Unparalleled high quality

The service on Rocky Mountaineer trains is widely acclaimed, but the Gold Leaf service is of an unparalleled high quality, whereby breakfast and lunch are served in the restaurant on the ground floor, and travellers can choose from a seemingly unlimited supply of drinks and culinary snacks in the panoramic section on the first floor.

After their two-day journey, upon arriving in Vancouver, the Travelling-along-Rivers team could reach only one conclusion: this is the ultimate in indulgence.

The first part of the route between Calgary and Kamloops, near Lake Louise.

The train spends hours simply gliding along the Thompson River.

A region of the mountains alongside the Thompson River was once covered with glaciers. The contours are still visible on the slopes. This regions hot and dry climate barely permits any vegetation of significance to grow.

The Thompson River approaching the confluence with the Fraser River.

2-Thompson in Fraser

The Thompson flows into the Fraser near Lytton.

A rafters paradise.          

The last bridge over the Fraser River in Vancouver.

Arrival in Vancouver

Fraser River reports