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The Overlanders: one woman, 200 men

anadian history paints a picture of the eighteen-sixties as a particularly turbulent period. The Cariboo Gold Rush attracted a lot of prospectors and many colonists left their villages to go to British Columbia in search of a better way of life.
Among these was a group nicknamed the Overlanders, that was eventually comprised of a single woman in the company of about 200 men. 

D-Catherine SchubertA-Bord Overlander

Catherine Schubert was born in Ireland in 1835, the youngest of a family of nine children.

At the age of sixteen, Catherine boarded a boat heading for the United States, where she met a German carpenter. When the area in which they lived was hit by the Great Recession, they left for Canada. Catherine and her husband met up with some of the Overlanders and decided to travel in their company to the alluring western part of Canada.

The presence of a woman
Catherine was actually pregnant at the time in the group of travellers initially caused quite a commotion, but Catherine quickly gained respect because of her courageous attitude in the face of much hardship during the long journey through endless prairies and high mountains. Some of the Overlanders travelled along the Fraser River on homemade rafts, passing by the waterfalls that now carry their name. 

E- Tussen Overlanders Falls en Reaguard

After the Overlander Falls, the Fraser flows through a stunning scenery.

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