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Nile boat safari:
hippo's, elephants, crocodiles, birds 

Murchison Falls down (staand)

A boat safari on the Nile in Murchison Falls National Park offers the best chances to watch the exuberant animal life in and along the banks of the river.

During the stay in Paraa Safari Lodge our reporting team took advantage of two options.

'The African Queen'

The first one is the regular service with ‘The African Queen’ from Paraa Safari Lodge to the foot of Murchison Falls.

The other one is a private sailing trip from Paraa Safari Lodge upstream to the Delta, in the direction of the border with South Sudan.

Spectacular confrontation

Like a game drive in the savannah a boat safari offers an often spectacular confrontation with animals. Hippo's and crocodiles are really everywhere and there is also a fair chance of watching drinking elephants and waterbucks.

Sailing on this part of the Nile must be heaven for bird watchers, with over 450 species, including the rare shoebill stork. 

Sailing to the foot of Murchison Falls offers a possibility to climb to the top of the falls  

Birds everywhere along the banks

Couple of grey crowned Cranes

Egyptian geese

Elephant drinking water

Elephants need plenty of water. On hot days they can drink up to 200 liters. In one suck the trunk can take 10 liters.  

Elephant watching

Hippo's are everywhere in the Nile. They cannot swim and walk forward on shallow spots of the river.  During the day the hippo's mostly remain in the cooling water, at night they go ashore for grazing.

Curious waterbucks

Crocodile in grass

Nile crocodiles display their entire huge reptilian bodies often with open mouth, protecting themselves against excessive body temperature.  

Crocodile close Fishermen near border

Fishermen between the Delta in Murchison Falls Park and the border with South Sudan

Fisherman with netFisherman with fish

Nile River reports


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