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The Rhine from source to mouth

With a length of 1,324 km the Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe.   

The source is in the Tomasee, located near the Oberalp pass in Switzerland. From this mountain lake at an altitude of 2,346 m the 'Vorderrhein' is flowing as a narrow stream towards the east.

At the Rheinschlucht, an impressive mountain gorge, the Rhine has already become a strong flowing watercourse. The tributary 'Hinterrhein' joins at Reichenau.

After passing the city of Chur the river flows in a spacious bend to Lake Constance (Bodensee). From here the Rhine continues in western direction to Basel.  

Herer the river starts a long journey through Germany. The first part acts as the border between France and Germany. After Karlsruhe the Rhine is passing Mannheim, Wiesbaden, Koblenz, Bonn and Cologne.

Not far away from Emmerich the river is approaching the Netherlands. Via different rivers the Rhine finds its way in the Dutch delta. The main part of the water flows through the port of Rotterdam and ends in the North Sea at Hoek van Holland.

Part 1:
The Rhine in Switzerland

he Rhine originates in the Tomasee, an idyllic small mountain lake near the Oberalp pass. 

From here the water tumbles down through a narrow gorge to a vast mountain meadow area. 

DSC 0006

During the first part the Rhine remains a modest stream along the motorway connecting the Oberalp with the first villages along the river


The stream is approaching the hamlet of Tschamut

The few inhabitants of Tschamut are proud of the status of the first inhabited place along the Rhine 

The Rheinschlucht stretches between Ilanz and Reichenau. This huge gorge had its origine about 11,000 years ago, when at Flims a part of a mountain collapsed. The Rhine worked its way through the new rock formations. In the course of thousands of years an impressive gorge was formed. 

From different high located spots there are impressive views. Straight spectacular is the view from the platform 'Der Mauersegler / Il Spir' in Conn. 

3-Rijn bij Chur LOW RES

The Rhine is passing the city of Chur

DSC 6762

The Central Station of Chur is an important link in the railway network of south eastern Switzerland. The Rhätische Bahn has its headquarters here.  

Chur is also a stop on the route of the famous Glacier Express. 

Video impression of a train travel with the Swiss 'Rhätische Bahn' around the source of the Rhine

4- Huis Bodensee LOW RES

Beautiful traditional houses in Jugendstil style are characteristic for the region around Lake Constance. 

5A- Schaffhausen LOW RES

The Falls of Schaffhausen

6- Elektracentrale LOW RES

The water of the Rhine passes countless hydroelectric power plants during its course in Switzerland 

A copper maquette of downtown Basel along the river

Video impression of a visit to the museum Jean Tinguely along the river Rhine in Basel

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