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The Rhine in Germany

After leaving Switzerland in Basel the river Rhine is flowing northward through Germany for about 800 km. 

In this country the river is divided in three parts.
From Basel till Bingen it is called Oberrhein, till Bonn it is the Mittelrhein and from there till the border with the Netherlands the river has the name of Niederrhein.

The Rhine is the longest river of Germany and is fed by a large number of tributaries. The most important are the Moselle, Neckar, Main, Lahn, Sieg, Ruhr and Lippe. 

Large cities along the German Rhine are (from south to north):
Karlsruhe, Speyer, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Worms, Mains, Wiesbaden, Rüdesheim am Rhein, Koblenz, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Krefeld.

3d-Kerktoren Breisach

About sixty km north of Basel the first town of interest is Breisach. Due to its strategic location with the Münsterberg this town was also well-known in former times. Worth a visit is the St. Stephansdom.

Other points of interest in Breisach are the Rhine gate from the seventeenth century and a fountain from the thirteenth century.

On a clear day the Münsterberg offers a view that extends to the Black Forest and the French Alsace. 

Breisach is famous for the wine region Kaiserstuhl. The wine and the sekt originate from the Geldermann Privatsektkellerei and the Gräflich von Kageneckschen Wein und Sektkellerei.

Regularly there are city tours with tastings. 

Breisach is a base for river cruises.

The pedestrian bridge across the Rhine between Kehl in Germany and Strassbourg in France is an architectural feat of ingenuity. The bridge was designed by architect Marc Mimram and symbolizes the friendly relations between France and Germany.

5b-Kunst Kehl5e-Brugdetail

The pedestrian bridge, seen from the German bank with a parc area full of works of art

5a-Park Kehl

Ships in the morning mist between Kaub and Oberwesel.


The Loreley is one of the main tourist attractions along the German Rhine. According to tradition a nymph sowed death and destruction on this rock above a bend of the river by deriving the bargemen with her songs. Thereby many a ship should have been damaged by hitting the rock. (photo: Rolandt Todt)


Vineyards on steep slopes are a familiar sight on both sides of the river

The castle Schönburg is located on a rock high above Oberwesel. It got the nickname 'the most beautiful haven of romance along the Rhine'. The castle can be visited and houses a hotel. On the foreground the Michaelskapelle is a powerful eye-catcher along the river bank.

13b-Sankt Goar rechteroever13a-Sankt Goar Bäckerei Café

Sankt Goar is located along both sides of the Rhine. The photo above shows the buildings on the right bank. 

On the photo on the left the famous Bäckerei Café St. Goar. This family-run business is well-known for the high quality of the products, all of which to be home made and freshly prepared. There is a wide choice of countless cakes and over 40 different coffees.

At the 'Deutsches Eck' (German corner) in Koblenz the tributary Moselle is joining the Rhine.

15b-Standbeeld Koblenz

The monumental statue of Emperor Wilhelm I is dominating the Deutsches Eck



15f-Emmerich beeld

On the Rheinpromenade in Emmerich there is a lot to enjoy. From watching the ships from the numerous  and cozy terraces till admiring all kinds of sculptures along the bank.  

The Rhine is approaching the Netherlands; at the village of Spijk the river crosses the border.