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The wonderful world of the flamingo

From the hikings routes in the Camargue nature park near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer there is an ongoing view of interesting animals. 

The flamingos are the main attraction. Nice to see how they eat plankton as their main food source. They are sifting the food with reversed heads. 

The biological diversity in this area is impressive, partly due to the presence of both fresh and salt water in the marshy soil. 

Ingenious water management system

The Mediterranean climate has great influence too. In the summer months a part of the area is dry and the lakes are getting smaller in size. 

The Vaccarès reservoir, containing 6000 hectares of brackish water, is important for the ingenious water management system of the Camargue. Each year about fifty million cubic meters of water is used for the irrigation of the rice fields. 

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Beavers and storks are permanent residents of the protected area.


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