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Video impressions Fraser River

Flight above the mouth of the Fraser River - This video was captured from the Cessna Skyhawk in which our reporters followed the Fraser River from the mouth via Vancouver to where it nears Chilliwack.

'Best train experience in the world' - Video impression of a two-day train journey with the Rocky Mountaineer from Calgary to Vancouver.

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The great salmon run - This BBC documentary provides in-depth information about the miracle of the salmon trek. Narrated by David Attenborough the documentary contains spectacular footage and also shows how important salmon are for the entire ecological system. 

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Salmon Confidential - This documentary is an insight on how the salmon farms in British Columbia are destroying the wild salmon stocks that are native here en how the government is trying to keep it a secret.

Flash Hell's Gate - Video flash of the narrow passage of Hell's Gate near Boston Bar.

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Impresson Icefields Parkway - Video impression of the Icefields Parkway in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

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